Marger - Sneaky EP

Before hearing Marger, I always used to think 'Oh, he's is the mc who just hangs with Rival'. And, after hearing them two just tearing many sets apart I began to think 'yes, these two are just too sick'. A while ago there was a bit of tension between Marger & Rival in which they started sending for each other. The outcome was bad at first, however we are now seeing another side to Marger instead of the guy before.

Marger now gives you a new EP called 'Sneaky EP'. It is only six tracks, but it is of just hard Grime, no Rap, no pop, just Grime. There isn't many features only one song where it is featuring Discada, but it's a very good solo effort. We also have a send for Grime scene producer Teddy which is called 'Alright'. This is one of my favourites on there. Even though some of the songs are not to my taste, it really is a banger of an EP.

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Download the EP : Here