Tinchy Stryder ft Dirty Danger - Rampage

It has been a while since we have seen Tinchy Stryder do a full Grime track, but today we are seeing taking time out from his current mainstream business to do a Grime track. The track is called  'Rampage' which features fellow Ruff Sqwad MC Dirty Danger.

It's proven that Tinchy has been ripping up the mainstream charts lately, and also making himself a national icon among all the fans he has, and he has not forget the music scene where he has come from. Unlike Certain MC's who have left Grime to be signed by a label, Tinchy Stryder has kept at doing Grime whether it be EP's, mixtapes or any other free downloads.

From a personal view, I like the song, and Tinchy brings something new to this song with a new flow. The beat is normal, but they do well to stay on point. The chorus I am not really a fan of, but it could be worse. Dirty Danger does good apart from that.

The video however has been shot by Grimedaily. They try out something new, and it's different. well done to them. They do need to go back to their Grimey roots though.

Watch, and listen below.

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