Jendor sending for Dot Rotten (Lord Of The Mics 3)

OG'z member Jendor has been the scene for ages now, and had many releases with his latest mixtape 'When It Rains It Storms'. Since, running Dot Rotten out of the OG'z crew, he has this beef with Dot Rotten with Jendor sending many dubs for him, with Dot not replying to any of them. Between the two, they have even had a couple of things happening, including this year whether it being on Twitter, or the problem when a couple of the OG'z tried to rush Dot Rotten. Obviously, Dot denies it, so we do not know who is telling the truth. Today, Lord Of The Mics released a video with Jendor sending for Dot Rotten. The question is will he send back or not ?! It would be a very good clash however if they were on Lord Of The Mics 3.Watch Jendors send below !