Sox - Lord Of The Mics 3

The Birmingham MC Sox has been getting a lot of attention within the end of the last year, and this year. He has been building bridges for him to get recognition in other parts of the country except the Midlands. He has obviously been doing that, because he has been asked to do Lord Of The Mics 3 (LOTM3). He was originally meant to be clashing Manchester MC Shifty, however it looks like Shifty doesn't want to participate in Lord Of The Mics. This means that Jammer has set up another clash, and it is believed to be South Londoner Kozzie. It is looking to be a good clash with Sox starting the dissing by stating his facebook "It's pissed me off that Shiftys flopped cah the merkle man told me I got Kozzie, I just watched 3 vidz and their all all slopy, cant write ur own bars so you try copy, u mite as well make me clash P Money"  Watch Sox's Hype Sessions below !