Rival 2011

East London has always been known for making Grime, and producing sick Grime MC's. One of these MC's is called Rival, and he has been doing his thing for a while now. He has finally grabbed fame in the past couple of years in the 'New Wave' of MC's who are coming through.

He had a fantastic mixtape which is called 'Return Of The Rivz' which was released in the latter part of 2010, and this grabbed a lot of attention before, and after. In the last few months he has featured on 'Kozzie - Spartan Remix' which has had a lot of success. He also turned his hands to Dubstep, when he and Dubstep producer Nytz linked up to released the 'Rival VS Nytz' EP. It shows Rival as an artist is very diverse when it comes to a type of genre. Rival, who is part of Alien Musik has also had a confrontation with fellow member Marger, which led to them sending for each other. Beforehand, they were a great due on sets, and songs, and this ended, but they have gone their separate ways to form their own success which was for the best. Nobody can cuss the work rate of Rival as he has released another EP called 'Lock Off The Rave' which included the single 'Lock Off The Rave' which was produced by Maniac, plus a few remixes. Now, this is a big surprise, Lock Off The Rave got played a lot which has guided him to create a 'Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix' which features not 1, or 2 MC's, but 17 !

Watch Below !

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