Kozzie - The Problems Started Review

The Problem's Started is here, and it actually has started a problem ! Kozzie, finally released his new mixtape on the 27th with No Hats No Hoods, with it being his first mixtape to release to buy, and what a mixtape it is.

The Lewisham MC, has just been working his socks off to help promote his mixtape by doing a bag of freestyles, jumping on radio sets, being at raves, or where ever to showcase his ability in Grime. He also had big launch party, which will infact increase the sales from how many people have been supporting him lately. He also featured on the Wiley tour, in which he tore down many crowds. It show that Kozzie is really growing in the Grime scene, maturing, and just getting known for his big songs.

The mixtape altogether is 12 tracks. The Problems Started has a range of producers, for example Faze Miyaki, Royal T, S-X,  Darq-E Freaker, Flava D, SNK, Spooky, Cotti and more. Apart from the 'Spartan Remix' we see there is a lack of features with only Merky Ace, Infa, and  Cylena Cymone. With one single already been released, and getting enough attention which was 'Spartan Remix' which features Merky Ace, Rival, Marger, Ego and Scrufizzer.

Although, starting off the mixtape, we start off with a song called 'Taking The Piss' which has been produced by Flava D. The instrumental has a very grimey, up tempo, and arcadey beat. Kozzie has the flow, and tone to go with the beat. The start of 'The Problems Started' sets the pace of what the rest of the songs will show.

The next song is called 'Keep It Grime' produced by Faze Miyake. Kozzie, has always started that he does Grime, and in this song he declares "I won't sell my soul, I keep it Grime". He is stating that a lot of artists are now looking to get signed, and selling their souls. They turn their backs on Grime, and forget their roots. Some people who come to mind are Chipmunk, Kano, and Dizzee Rascal. Artists should listen to the song, and in itself think 'I should just do the music I want to do'

The mixtape is mostly Grime, but there is also an element of Dubstep in songs such as 'Riding Out'. My favourite songs on the mixtape are 'Keep It Grime', 'Cherryade Special', 'Spartan Remix', 'Redbull and Mayfairs', and 'Grime and Grind'. 

1. Taking The Piss
2. Keep It Grime
3. The Problems Started
4. Cherryade Special (Featuring Infa)
5. Im Famous
6. Spartan Remix (Featuring Merky Ace, Rival, Ego, Marger, Scrufizzer)
7. Redbull & Mayfairs
8. Back to Take What's Mine (Featuring Merky Ace)
9. I Want To Party
10. Riding Out
11. Grime and Grind
12. My Life (Featuring Cylena Cymone)

It is a brilliant start for a first mixtape,and a banger. When Kozzie gets signed, I will say I told you so !

I suggest you go and buy it : Here