Freestyles - from 06/02/2012- 12/02/2012

Typah - Freestyle

Despa cam have been around quite awhile and they have taken the time to film a little three part series with N Double A (NAA) which have included Big Narstie, L Dot Man, and Typah. They all went over Flava D's Blocks instrumental.

Killa P - Devilman Diss

On Saturday, Whos Da Boss was on it's way to happening with the Killa P vs Devilman clash which was the highlight and many more clash. There was also a set which was meant to be held by Boy Better Know. However, there was a big incident that happened where a gun was pulled out and they were looking for Devilman. Luckily nobody was hurt and the clash didn't happen, but Killa P is back with another send for Devilman! 

Kozzie - Warm Up Sessions

SBTV were been focusing on Rap/Hip Hop mostly in 2011 with F64's and Warm Up Sessions. Now, they are starting the year with a whole new lot of Grime F64's and Warm Up Sessions. They have filmed Scrufizzer, Lay-Z, Marger and a new video coming from two time dungeon winner Kozzie. Watch out for more Grime coming from SBTV.