Sket Release Information & Theme Song 'Takeover' by Shystie Feat. Ghetts & No lay

There is a new film coming out which is called 'Sket', and the plot of the story is about a 16 year old girl in London who gets into gangland culture for the first time. Her mother is already dead, and her protector was her sister...I will leave it there for you all to see in the film.

On to the music. In the film which is released on the 28 of October, there will be a lot of Grime. It has a lot of Grime, because it is set in East London where the genre was made. One of them songs will be called 'Takeover' which is a song by Shystie, featuring Ghetts & No Lay. It's a Grimey track, and we all hope to see that Grimeyness throughout the movie.

The music video is up, and available to watch below

Here is the trailer of 'Sket'