Lord Of The Mics 3 Behind The Scenes (Grimedaily)

Lord Of The Mics 3 is going to be another classic of the three Lord Of The Mics clashes. We have seen a lot of emcees including Rival, Marger, Merky Ace, J1, Kozzie, Sox, Desperado, Jendor, Tre Mission, Wariko, Diesel, Jammin, and a couple more. This Lord Of The Mics is all about bringing along newer emcee's to clash, and it has certainly gone off as expected. It has just got everyone talking about it, plus Grime is alive again. It has been good of Jammer to set this up, and there should be more to think about such as the DVD, maybe a tour, and other things.

Grimedaily caught up with Jammer, Merky Ace, and J1 to get an exclusive of the clash, plus behind the scenes footage, watch below.