Flawzz Freestyle & Militant, Darks, Skelta, Flawzz, Killaa & Axy Freestyle

There is a lot of talent coming from the Midlands, and we see two freestyles . The first is from Flawzz, who is one of the best up and coming emcee's coming out of Walsall. He has something different about him, and he has some hard bars, plus the flow being unique. Not many people outside the Midlands know of him, but he should be more rated, and when more people know of him they will know !

The second video is from a range of emcees such as Militant, Darks, Skelta, Flawzz, Killa, and Axy. They are  upcoming emcees from the area of Walsall, and they catch up with JDZmedia for the sprayout of 9 mins. All of them have a different style, unlike some of the emcee's in other areas.