Upcoming Season (Vital & Climaks Beats)


Vital is an upcoming emcee and rapper who is from wolverhampton in the midlands. He has been involved in music scene for a few years now, he is expressing his talent, and impressing people. Vital is 20 years old
works heavily in grime but does alot of other genres such as reggae, bashment, dancehall, hiphop & acoustics too. He has recently done a daily duppy with Grime Daily North, so check it out below.

Climaks Beats

Climaks calls himself the beat maker, because as yet he hasn't worked with a artist before, but has sent instrumentals to various artists/DJ'S. He is really serious when it comes to music. Climaks used to make beats for fun, and he still finds it fun, but wants to enter the grime scene, so he has switched up his style of producing beats..He does not just make grime, but makes a range of genres such as Hip-hop, and Dubstep as they are his favourite and, he is continues experimenting with other genres.

Climas has been producing for a while now, but still has little experience, as he does not really use vst's, but he is learning, and will be soon ! Even though he is new, he has alot to learn ,but do not be fooled by the 18 months he has been making beats for. He has had good feedback from DJ'S and various artists even though he has not worked with any although he has got a vocal from Chucky and Kreepa (Birmingham emcee's)

Tyrant (prod. by climaks beats) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by climaksbeats

Out rage (prod. by climaks beats) by climaksbeats

Follow them both on twitter @climaksbeats and @Vital0