Mixed Up - Episode 3

As a blog, we have put together a project called 'Mixed Up' where we will be releasing an exclusive mix each week. It will be from a number of DJ's coming from many places across England, as well as Scotland. The mixes will both be a mixture of Grime instrumentals, and vocals. There will not be a number we can say on how many we are doing, but this is series one, and we hope there will be many more to come.

This week we see a mix from a DJ called Gallus One, who is from Glasgow, Scotland who's a DJ on a number of radio stations like Nasty FM, and He has kindly who puts together an instrumental mix. And, all I can say is it is such a nice mix from a lot of new instrumentals this year. We see instrumentals from various producers in this mix. Also, Gallus One has a unique style. On this mix he has put together, we see a calm, but peaceful mix just to relax to. Have a listen, and download :)

Mixed Up - Episode 3 by XIXGuest