Merky Ace VS Dan Dar Dan - The Mix Before Blue Battlefield

Merky ACE vs Grand Mixer Dan Gar Dan - The Mix Before Blue Battlefield

The DJ who is on a hype right now is Dan Dar Dan. He has been getting so much attention lately, and where ever there is a mix he is the one doing it. His latest mix he does is a Merky Ace VS Dan Gar Dan, It has various songs, and freestyle from Merky Ace, plus maybe instrumentals from rising Grime producer Faze Miyake.  It is a decent 17 minutes long which is up for free download, and there is a track list of what has been played during the mix.

Merky Ace - Bawse Freestyle (GM DGD Special) - Produced by Faze Miyake
Faze Miyake - Screwdriver VIP - Instrumental
Merky Ace - Marcus Burnett Freetstyle - Produced by Darq E Freaker
Faze Miyake - DDT VIP - Instrumental
Merky Ace - Do Diss Ting - Accapella
Faze Miyake - Take Off V.I.P - Instrumental
Merky Ace - GM DGD One Away Special - Produced by Crazee Bandit
Faze Miyake - Done This Ting
Merky Ace, Kozzie & Shiftman - Screwdriver VIP - Accapella
Faze Miyake - Jump- Instrumental

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