Mixed Up - Episode 1

As a blog, we have put together a project called 'Mixed Up' where we will be releasing an exclusive mix each week. It will be from a number of DJ's coming from many places across England, as well as Scotland. The mixes  will both be a mixture of Grime instrumentals, and vocals. There will not be a number we can say on how many we are doing, but this is series one, and we hope there will be many more to come. 

The first mix today, comes from DJ Ethic, who is a DJ who's from Ipswich.  He is one part of Mixclique Records with Neon Beats, and he has kindly decided to participate in 'Mixed Up'. He has a lot of stuff on the blog so look to check him out after this ! The mix includes emcees including Ego, Merky Ace, D Double E, Jendor, Neon Beats and more check it and download !

Download Link :