Merky ACE VS J1 (Hype Sessions) (Lord Of The Mics 3)

Well, Well, Well ! Jammer announced there would be more clashed happening a couple of weeks ago which were kept secret, and here is one added to your list. Merky Ace VS J1.

We see South London's Family Tree member Merky Ace step up to the plate to face Stay Fresh's J1. Merky Ace is really in the limelight at the moment in the Grime scene, with just release after release building his name. Now, J1 is from Wolverhampton is part of Stay Fresh, and he is trying to a name for himself, but not many people have heard of him. It does not mean he cant win clash, but it doesn't mean Merky Ace cannot win it either, so it's going to be an interesting clash. They have both done their Hype Sessions, and watch them below !