Lolingo VS Darkness (Preview)

When I heard Darkness for the first time, I was very impressed with what I heard. He is a 16 year old producer from the east end of London where Grime was born. He is someone who is able to focus on many genres, and not just one. Although, he is someone who is upcoming, there is no doubt that he will be competing with the other top Grime producers in the future. Now, he is linking up with another producer called Lolingo, who was part of the former inner circle with Darkness called 'Sanus Rex'. They're now doing their own thing, but helping each other out. The two have created a EP which is called 'Lolingo VS Darkness' which is Grime release made up of 4 instrumentals of it. It will be available for free download on the 10th August.

Here is a preview below of the EP

Darkness Vs Lolingo [SHOWREEL 2011] by DarknessMusic

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