Deja Vu - Grime Mondays !

Deja Vu has been one of pirate radio who have come from being on a roof to getting recognition to getting their own FM station. Deja Vu has been running for 14 years now, and they have had some of biggest emcees on their station, as well some of the biggest Grime clashes. Grime had a little quiet period on radio, but it has really grown in the last couple of years. Deja Vu are now bringing Grime Mondays where it is just a day of Grime with Spooky, D-Power Diesel, and G-Fam running the airwaves. There will be live freestyles happening, plus even if you miss the show, you're able to catch up with it, by downloading the recorded set. Below, I will be showing some of the famous videos Deja are remembered for, and plus last weeks show for download.

Spooky -
D-Power Diesel :

And more to come GRIME GRIME GRIME