Beatgeeks - Bio & Dot 2 Dot EP (Release Info)

The 'Beatgeeks' have recently been getting a lot of attention this year. The duo who are from Nottingham produce, and DJ having been making their move in the scene and getting the attention after successfully creating some smashing instrumentals. You may not know them, but they are two producers called 'Elreezy and Blendawhich make up 'Beatgeeks'. They were formally in a group called Lyrics, Rhymes & Grime (LRG) which were a group of emcees, producers, and DJ's with someone well known called 'Wariko'. Now, they are just focusing on their own music. They produce Grime, Funky House, and many more genres.

'Beatgeeks' will have a release coming out called 'Dot 2 Dot EP' which will be their next thing to come out. It will be available to buy on the 19th September 2011, with most popular digital stores such as Itunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. It will feature a load of high feature emcees such as Scrufizzer, Jendor, Wariko, Dot Rotten, Durrty Goodz, Shifty plus more. One of their songs which is going to be on the EP is called 'Broke Bloke' which has been vocalled by Wariko & Durrty Goodz.

Listen below, and enjoy !