Tre Mission replying to Sox Lord Of The Mics 3 (LOTM3)

Sox was meant to be facing Manchester emcee Shifty in Lord Of The Mics 3 (LOTM3), however he was nowhere to be seen, so Jammer set up Sox with another opponent. He goes by the name of Kozzie who is from South London. Sox was the first person to send for Kozzie, he also added a diss for Canadian emcee Tre Mssion saying he shouldn't be emceeing, cos all they do in Canada is play hockey. It was an alright send, but he could of added more. Kozzie replied to the diss yesterday, and it was a pretty amazing send back. There was a dramatic opening tonight as Tre Mission decided to send back for Sox. It is also a pretty decent reply. Will there be a Sox VS Kozzie/Tre Mission ? Who Knows ?!

Watch below !