(Lord Of The Mics 3) Rival VS Desperado Hype Sessions

Rival has licked off headtops in the past, and South Londons Desperado was in the Lord Of The Mics 2 and did well. The South Londoner has played a big part in the Grime scene, and getting his video across to a commercial tv audience such as Kiss, MTV Base, The Box, Channel U, and more. He also was one of the MC's who was part of Sidewinder which people such as Wiley, Riko Dan, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, and many other big artists. However. since then Desperado hasn't done much of late in the Grime scene compared to Rival who is part of the new MC's coming through has worked off his butt to get the success his needed. He is part of the Alien Musik crew. Rival was a DJ beforehand, and has in recent years became an MC. The East Londoner is known as an MC who is able to hype up a set. His latest mixtape 'Return Of The Rivz' had a good response, and rating. It's the 'Hype Sessions' of Lord Of The Mics 3, and we are seeing who has been consistently been writing. I think Desperado's lyrics are weak, could be more hurtful, although it was a good try. Rival did go hard. Watch below to see what you think.