Kwam Set (Logan 18/07/11)

Kwam has been in the Grime scene for quite a few years, and has he always talks about he took a year out because of personal reasons. He has now been back for a while now working really hard. He has been putting in the work with his last mixtape 'Truth Hurts" which impressed me, and it led me to following more of  his music. He has now been on numerous sets on radio such as Rinse FM, Deja Vu FM and many more as well as freestyles. This week he and DJ Sketch'E released their new project called 'The Surgery EP' which is able to buy from : Here. Kwam has been on Kiss beforehand, but only for others peoples appearances, and Chosen Ones. This Monday, he made his first solo appearance on Logan's show to promote 'The Surgery EP' and for a little set. Listen below !