G-Fam - Gangsters Remix

After ZDot, released the single 'Gangsters' which featured a lot of the top upcoming or unrecognised MC's such as Scrufizzer, RIO, Warlock, Shifty, Revolver & Wariko. They did a brilliant job of that, and they all got noticed in creating such a good song.

Since then, everyone has been on a hype in creating their own versions of it. We have seen do Durrty Skanx do his own remix to it, which he duppied, now we have North London's crew G-Fam doing their own version . And, all of these remixes will be on the Gangsters EP which will be out on the 29th of July.

Back to G-Fam. Basically, they go in on the instrumental, and it seems to suit them. They all touch the beat perfectly, with this being one of the best remixes. Watch it below to see the official video of G-Fam's - Gangsters Remix.