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Wiley, whose real name is Richard Kylea Cowie was born on the 19th of January 1979 in East London, England. He is an English music producer, and MC who was one of the original founders of Grime, Roll Deep, A-List.

He is probably the most popular Grime MC around, who is also known as the Godfather Of Grime brings out a new today which is called '100% Publishing', and it is a 14 track album. The Godfather Of Grime has released so many albums, and he has always been consistent with his music whether it be commercial music or just within the Grime scene. Something I love about Wiley, is that he isn't a show off. He could always have money, but he will always stay to his Grime roots !

The English MC has always been known for not getting on with all the different labels he has been on. It is on the label 'Big Dadda' which Wiley was on beforehand until they had some disagreements with. Now, they have sorted their differences out, and are now on good terms.

The album on a whole is brilliant ! It is basically 100% Grime, which is nice to see, however we do a bit of acoustic singers on it. The album is completely produced himself as well. It has little features, because he wanted to do everything himself, but their are a few singers such as Daniel De Bourgh, and Leah Miller.

There are a lot MC's, and rappers who always make there lyrics to sound real, but they are completely fake. On 100% Publishing, something you will see that Wiley touches some on topics which are real life. I would personally like to say the album is a storytelling album, which some people in the world should listen to.

Overall, I think '100% Publishing' is one of the best albums I have heard this year, but the songs I personally enjoy are 'Boom Boom Da Na', 'Numbers In Action', 'Wise Man And His Words'. Wiley, is bringing some different sounds to the Grime scene, and he is keen on expanding the sound all over the globe from what he has done so far in the Grime. 

1. Information Age
2. 100% Publishing
3. Numbers In Action
4. Boom Boom Da Na
5. Your Intuition
6. I Just Woke Up
7. Wise Man and His Words
8. Talk About Life
9. Yonge Street (1,178 Miles Long)
10. Pink Lady
11. Up There
12. One Hit Wonder
13. To Be Continued
14. Chill (Bonus Track)

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