Scrufizzer - Hoody Hard

The 'New Wave' of Grime MC's have started to gain attention in the past year or so, and they been getting the support they need to push themselves forward. One of those MC's is Scruffizer, and people have said beforehand that "he doesn't release much", but he has been putting in the work which seems to be paying off as he has been on grime hits 'Gangster', 'Move' and 'Spartan Remix'.

Something, I enjoy about Scrufizzer is his flow. With a flow like that, he is able to hype up a set or freestyle easily. Although, sometimes for a first time listener, it is hard to get  hold of what he is spitting, but after a while you can.

We bring you are a new song, which is called 'Hoody Hard', which was air played a few days ago on 1Xtra. The instrumental was by High Frequency member F Dot. In the song, Scrufizzer still has the fast flow, but it is a more calm tone, so it all settles in on the beat.

Listen below ! (Sho Sho)

ScruFizzer - Hoody (BBC 1Xtra Rip) (Prod. by Fdot of High Frequency) by FdotMusic

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