Nasty FM - Selecta Fewie - Grime 09/06/11

Nasty FM is a radio station which has been rising, and getting noticed through the last year or so. There is a range from Grime, to Dubstep to many other genres. One show I enjoy is, Selecta Fewie Grime Show which is every Thursday 6-8pm and he plays the latest Grime around and out right now. The Luton DJ is also working on a project called 'Grime Aint Dead' in which he releases an hour an a half or so set every now and then. It is coming up to the 4th volume now, so watch out for it. Here is last night's tracklist, and free download !

1.Frisco- Ghost Train
2.Shifman- Boom
4.Blacks- Gassed On The Riddim
5.Styler- Styles
6.Fire Camp ft Scrufizzer & Lady Leshurr- Move
7.Chronik- Ring
8.Kano- Boys Love Girls
9.Cherryade vs Wacka Flocka riddim
10.Exo Remedy- PetrolHead vs Dynamite (What You Talking About)
11.Merky Ace- Everytime
12.P Money & Blacks- Pow (Sounds & Gimmicks)
13.Scorcher- 96 Bars Of Revenge Freestyle
14.Delusion- Stay Calm??
15.RedBoy G- Programme
16.Exo Remedy- Gorgonzola
17.Davinche- Gotta Man (A2 Remix)
18.SRC- My Destiny
19.Sem- Freestyle Riddim
20.Teeza- Riot VIP
21.Blazin Beats- Boxer
22.SRC- Skydiving Remix
23.Spyro- 8-10 (TRC Remix)
24.R1 Ryders- Hydraulic
25.Spooky- Bashment Wooo
26.R1 Ryders- Karni4 Remix
27.Spooky- Spartan (Rubiking Remix)
28.Davinche- Buzz Lightyear
29.Preditah- Goofy
30.Faze Miyake- Take Off
31.Mr V- Mega Man
32.SX- Who Are Ya Remix
33.Terror Danjah- Jump On
34.DOK- Big Bang
35.Youngstar- Formula 2
36.Supra1- Ghoster
37.Cleptomaniacs- All I Do (Bump & Flex Dance Floor Dub)
38.So Solid Crew- Woah
39.Zinc & Jammin- Hold On
40.Low Deep- Down Like That
41.Biggie Dan- Where's DLK?
42.Deeco- 3000
43.Teeza- Switch
44.Spooky- Sweet Shop (Sugar Overdose Remix)
45.Spooky- Top 3 Selected (Wud Remix)
46.Spooky- Cheque 1,2
47.Skillioso- Knowbody
48.Nocturnal- Top 3 Selected Remix
49.Flava D- Bronzed
50.Splurt- Battersea Dogs Home
51.Flash G- Flashtrumental
52.Moony- Might Switch
53.Deset- Last Samurai
54.DJ Myrikal- Grime Souljah (Fewie Special)
55.Filthy Beats- Progressive Hype
56.Maniac- Millitant
57.Terror Danjah- Air Bubble (Exo Remedy Remix)
58.Darq E Freaker- Turquoise
59.Caspa- Wheres My Money
60.Terror Danjah- ???
61.Flash G- Grizzle (Lengface Remix)
62.Spooky- Devil vs Saltfish
63.Rapid- License
64.Heavy Trackers- ???
65.Krazee- Aalyiah Remix

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