Lord Of The Mics 3

Lord Of The Mics is a Grime DVD where MC's clash by spitting, and dissing each other somehow whether it be about someone being gay, or about someones mum or along the lines of that. It has had two successful DVD's with some of the biggest Grime clashes in history including Wiley VS Kano, Dizzee Rascal VS Crazy Titch, Ears VS Tinchy Styder plus many more.

Lord Of The Mics hasn't been run in a few years, which has meant to a decline in clashes in Grime. Therefore, Jammer and Cameraman Sketch have planned to bring it back for it's third series. When it was announced that it would be returning, everyone was on a hype, and talking about it, wondering who was going to be clashing each other, and below is some of the warm up videos 

Old School Clash

Part 2

So far, we have seen the boys warm up the hype sessions with their disses for the first time, and we believe that there will be some good clashing in this lord of the mics. Today, we see the girls go at it. Firstly, OG Niki goes in, but not with too many cusses about No Lay. However, No Lay has been working on them lyrics, and just kills it. One of the lyrics of No Lay's was "The only Niki I rate is Minaj, you aint young money, your young, broke and parred"

Watch below, and comment on who is winning so far !

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