Kozzie ft Merky Ace, Shifman, Ego - Freestyle

After having such a good year, and creating hits such as 'Spartan Remix', 'Spartan', sending for Griminal and many other things. Kozzie, who's mixtape called 'The Problems Started' is out on Monday is expected to be one of mixtapes of the year in the Grime scene among the 'New Wave' of MC's. The Lewisham artist who has been working extremely hard throughout the past year with going on radio, doing freestyles, creating a hype around himself and just releasing good music for his fans. He has created a strong bond with the crew Family Tree within the past year as well, and they are tipped to be the future of Grime. Below is a freestyle from Kozzie, and Family Tree members, I would call this a warm up of what is to show on the mixtape.

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