Killa P - Interview and Freestyle

Killa P, if you don't know him, you basically don't have a clue about Grime in general.

Killa P is a legendary Grime MC coming from south of the river in Brixton. He has been in crews such as Roll Deep, and Cemetery Warriors with his cousin Flow Dan. He has a unique yardy flow, which makes him stand out in the scene. He has  had about four releases which include 'Killa Instinct Volume 1' and 'Killa Instinct Volume 2', plus 'Credit Crunch Volume 1 and 2'. He has clashed in Grime with warlords Trim, Durrty Goodz and his cousin Flowdan.

I have always admired Killa P, just because he seems real, his bars, his flow. He just needs to be more noticed in the scene. Killa P has taken a break out of music, because of being in prison, and now he is back, GS Digital catch up with him where he talks about his time inside, plus what is happening in the scene right now. He also drops a few bars. Watch below !

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