Blacks & P CD and Keepin It Grimey Set

South London and OG'z Grime MC's who have grabbed the limelight in the past couple of years, Blacks and P Money have been known to just go on to sets, and songs and just hype it up so much. Now, last night the duo went on Logan Sama Kiss 100's show at 12 o'clock, and the went to talk about their new CD which is called 'Blacks and P'. It is the first CD they have released together, and it is deemed to be a successful CD. They have before done their own solo things, but this combination is just mad. There is loads of songs which are Grime, but there is a couple which are Dubstep. We have instrumentals from the likes of  Darq E Freaker, Teddy, Nero, Royal-T, S-X, Chase & Status, Spooky, Dot Rotten, and many more. Feature wise it is mostly Blacks and P Money themselves, however there are a couple of other artists which as Kozzie, Big Narstie, Krept and Konan and a few more. 21 songs for £5 is really compared to buying all the tracks which would come to £16, treat yourself !

1.Blacks & P Money -Blacks & P (Produced by Darq E Freaker)
2.Blacks & P Money -OGeezus (Ft. Little Dee, Ruger & Jendor) (Produced by Teddy Music)
3.Blacks -This Way (Produced by Nero)
4.Blacks & P Money -Hater (Produced by Royal-T)
5.Blacks & P Money -Hold Some Of That (Ft. Jendor) (Produced by Teddy Music)
6.Blacks & P Money -Effin OG (Produced by S-X)
7.Blacks & P Money -Timid (Produced by Chase & Status)
8.Blacks & P Money -One 16 (Ft. Big Narstie & Kozzie) (Produced by Big-Ed)
9.Blacks & P Money -Gassed On A Riddem (Produced by Spooky)
10.Blacks & P Money -Right Here (Ft. Little Dee) (Produced by Dot Rotten)
11.Blacks & P Money -Boo You (Ft. Slickman) (Produced by Royal-T)
12.Blacks & P Money -You Are Washed (Produced by Royal-T)
13.Blacks & P Money -One Big Move (Ft. Krept & Konan) (Produced by Teddy Music)
14.Blacks -Screaming (Produced by Maniac)
15.Blacks & P Money -Going To War (Produced by Sukh Knight)
16.Blacks & P Money -End Of Me (Ft. Frisco) (Produced by Virgo)
17.Blacks -Just Do You (Produced by Fused Forces)
18.P Money -O’s G’s (Ft. Little Dee) (Produced by Davinche)
19.Blacks -Madness (Ft. Lauren Mason & Jammer) (Produced by GPK)
20.Blacks & P Money -Pow Sounds & Gimmicks (Produced by Teddy Music)
21.P Money -Blue (Produced by S-X)

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After the Logan show, Blacks and P Money participated in the 'Keepin It Grimey Sessions' and when I talk about one of the hypest sets ever, I mean it. Watch below !

Download the set : Here