Wiley - Scarper (Prod By ZDot)

Wiley and ZDot have worked a number of times, it's come to my attention that they work together as a duo with ZDot on the buttons, and Wiley spitting. They've produced numerous songs together which means ZDot sort of knows what Wiley likes in a Grime instrumental. They have a new song together which is called 'Scarper' which is on ZDot's new CD 'A New Light' available to buy on itunes Here. Wiley has been known to always been writing bars, and it gets to me that he can write a new song in a day with the lyrics being top notch, then go and record it. He is one of the best lyricists I know of. Watch out for Wiley's new album in June which is going to be called '100% Publishing'. Check Scarper below !