Styler & Mind Of Grime - Perfect Timing

Mind Of Grime are doing there thing in the Grime scene where they have been lining up certain MC's who have been under-rated, but they have the talent, and work rate to succeed. They have lately worked with many artists such as Durrty Skanx, Relentless, Leeman, and Avalanch. They have now started their search another MC who goes by the name Styler. You might have heard of Styler beforehand or maybe not, but he is a good MC who is under-rated, good bars and has a good work ethic. Styler has released three mixtapes which are called 'Stylers Got Style Volume 1', 'Stylers Got Style Volume 2' and  'Stuck Between 2 Worlds'. Styler, and Mind Of Grime are now starting on a new project which is going to be called 'Perfect Timing'. We have recently found out that it is going to be a six track EP with a lot of features including Dimples, Rival, and many more. Here are a few exclusives from the forthcoming EP.

Listen to the songs here

Styler - in the city ft Rival & Dimples by STYLER (GFAM)

Styler - home alone ft Nico lindsay prod by HK by STYLER (GFAM)