Skepta - Community Payback


Skepta or who is known as in the grime scene as the 'King Of Grime' has been doing really well in the charts lately with getting his album released as well, and getting a lot of positive feedback, plus don't forget his Good Morning Grime Remix which P Diddy actually chose him to do it was a big boost for the Grime scene and Skepta who has been getting more attention in America than he did before.

He has been working on a mixtape called 'Community Payback' which has been by the one and only DJ Whoo Kid. After listening to it, I believe it has a bunch of hits ranging from Asian Girl which has featured Chipmunk, On The Roof which is him featuring fellow Boy Better Know MC Shorty & singer Jewels. Also, on the mixtape, he has included Youngs Teflon, Wizzy Wow, Boy Better Know, Chipmunk,  Lemar, P Money, and Frisco. Therefore, I would say it is a mix of genres from mostly Grime, ranging to Rap, and R&B.

The thing I like about Skepta is that he is even though he making commercial song, he is also continuing Grime unlike some artists who did Grime before getting signed.

I rate Community Payback 8 out of 10

Download it : Here