Queen T

Queen T and also known as Tugz is a new talented female artist from Birmingham/Wolves area which is in the Midlands who is 24 years old.  She is an artist who is able to sing as well as cross over to many genres of music including Grime, Hip Hop, and many others. This makes her an artist who is up for trying new things, and also a very rounded artist. Queen T also writes her own music, however is able to act, and models on the side. She has a mixtape which is coming out soon, which is going to be called 'Hear Me Roar' so make sure you all look out for that.

Queen T has worked with many artists such as Sir Mic, Dias, DJ Pantha, DJ Johnny B Line, DJ Des, Sox, Full Force, Birthmark plus some others. She also has some upcoming projects to work with from the Grime Scene which include Kozzie, Desperado, and Full Force. In the Drum and Bass she is looking to collab with MC Jay, however there are some other people whom she is going to work with which include Scott Styles, and Yazmyn Hendrix.

Video's of Queen T

In the video below which is a freestyle her bars are realistic, simple and she's got a nice flow going with all of it. The Midlands are doing a lot in Grime right now, and this is the new wave of Grime MC's coming through. Good luck to her. Listen below !

She is available for bookings, and she is able to to get hold of on Facebook and also Twitter