Black Despee Bio

It's a bit weird to hear a French person doing Grime, but here we have it. Black Despee is a French Grime MC who has been born and raised in the French capital Paris. He has now been living in England for the past three years, and he has begun to get a passion for Grime Music since he arrived here.

Black Despree told me some information about himself, and he added "Grime is just real to me, you can spit on it with nothing, no chorus or the tune, and it's all about performing." I discovered him on Youtube, and I was impressed with his talent, hence why I contacted him. He currently spits in his native language French over Grime instrumentals, as he is sure English Mc's are defiantly  the best to spit in english as it is the grime home language.He has many influences in Grime such as Ghetts, P Money, Roll Deep, Lil Nasty, JME, Skepta, and Tempa T. He is currently working on his project which is called 'Netape' where he is just like a mixtape, but just for freestyles. Black Despree is also willing to link up with people from the Grime scene in England to establish himself.

I questioned him on France having lesser Grime Mc's and he said " France is defiantly  under an big American  influence, and you see the French people do not really pay attention on the English charts. They all just want to become 'wannabe Americans' but im pretty sure it doesnt work."

Here are two new freestyles from him from his current project 'Netape'

You are able to contact him on the following accounts

Facebook : Here
Youtube : Here