50 Minute Grime Mix

Here is a new 50 minute Grime Mix from a DJ I discovered today. It is a very sick mix with all the latest instrumentals from within the Grime scene from producers such as Terror Danjah, Swindle, Royal T, Spooky, Darq E Freaker, and many more. I would love to hear more of these Grime mixes from DJ's and for it to be free download as well. In the mix it has a lack of vocals, but the DJ has has done a nice job mixing plus picking up the right vinyl. Have a listen and download ! I rate this 8 out of 10.

50minutemix by Richard Greenhill


Terror Danjah - Reinforced (Rwina)
Terror Danjah - Upton Lane (Planet Mu)
Swindle - Bebop (Butterz)
Wiley - It's Wiley (Royal T Showa Grime Mix) (Prodigal Entertainment)
Spooky - Top 3 Selected Remix (No Hats No Hoods)
Spooky - Over Capacity (Oil Gang)
Royal T - Orangeade (Butterz)
Terror Danjah - Peanut Punch (feat. D.O.K) (Rwina)
Ratchet - Hyper Dimention (Rwina)
Starkey - PC (instrumental) (No Hats No Hoods)
Swindle - Mood Swings (Butterz)
Swindle - Playground (Rwina)
SRC - Lemsip (Numbers)
SRC - Goin' Out (Swindle Remix) (Rwina)
SRC - Sort Of A Start (Rwina)
SRC - Goomba VIP (Butterz)
D.O.K - Chemical Planet (Butterz)
Ratchet - Electrical Bass Sweep (Rwina)
Darq E Freaker - Cherryade (Oil Gang)
Spooky - Werewolf (Iron Gates RMX) (Oil Gang)
Royal T - Hot Ones Remix (Butterz)
Royal T - Music Please (Devil Mix) (Butterz)
Rude Kid - Beat Crawler (No Hats No Hoods)
Darq E Freaker - Next Hoe (Avalanche Music)