Voltage - Nuttin On Voltz EP

Voltage is an 20 year old artist raised in East London who has been in the music game taking in seriously since 2006-2007. His main genre of music is Grime but however keeps it versatile as he can work suited with any tempo speed.

He has made appearances on radio stations such as: BBC 1Xtra, Kiss 100, Choice Fm, Rinse Fm and many more including internet radio stations also.

Watch out for a lot of other projects and releases coming from this young lyricist. These include many mixtape features all over the place, videos to come, radio shows constantly and the next mixtape which is already half way finished as we speak entitled: 'Prepare For A Shock' which will be out in 09 and will be guaranteed top 3 selected in the CD rack ANYWHERE!

Yesterday, it was Voltages birthday, and he released a new EP called 'Nuttin On Voltz'. It is a very good EP which includes 14 tracks. It includes Dot Rotten, Santa Fé, Double S, Brutal, Chloe Belle, and Faith SFX. It is a well put together EP which is most Grime, but there's a hint of Dubstep there. He also choose the artists he wanted collab, he mostly chose them to do the choruses of the songs and did all of the other work in the songs with his bars. The production of the songs on the EP were wisely chosen by Voltage, and I am happy to say that he did a good job. It includes productions from ZDot, G Tank, Rence, LunaKidz, Faith SFX, Delerious, Dot Rotten, H and Maniac. This is such a big EP that this one of the best EP out at this time of the year. It also puts him straight back on the map since he had a break from music.

1. Magic Carpet ft. Dot Rotten
2. Nuttin On Volts
3. The Text Message
4. Shine Like Volts
5. It's an Addiction
6. Circles ft. Santa Fé
7. Under The Influence ft. Faith SFX
8. Get Used To The Vibe
9. Working Overtime ft. Double S, Brutal & Dot Rotten
10. They Don't Care ft. Dot Rotten 
11. Reach The Sky In Puffs
12. Make Up Your Mind ft. Chloe Belle
13. Too Much To Say ft. Chloe Belle
14. Heart of a Demon

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