Starkey - PC ft Merky Ace & Kozzie

Merky Ace of Family Tree and Kozzie had such a good year in 2010. They really got noticed in 2010 by a lot of people, and im guessing they are going to have a big 2011. Merky Ace has 'Blue Battlefield' which is a mixtape/album which is going to be released on the 4th of April so watch out for that and go and buy it. Also, Kozzie has a mixtape/album which is called 'The Problems Started' which is going to be out this year as well. They are really evolving the sound of Grime, plus they're going to be taking over the Grime scene in 2011, and in future years. Listen below !

PC ft. Merky Ace & Kozzie (No Hats No Hoods) by starkey

This is a new song from them two which will be released on the 21st April by NoHatsNoHoods. It is produced by Starkey, and the instrumental suits Merky Ace, and Kozzie perfectly. They go in with their sick bars !

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