Lea Anna - Spreading the word

Lea Anna is a singer and song writer who is from London, England who is lately begun to get a lot of fame in the public eye from radio and a lot of other places. She is only 19 year old average teenager, but she has an absolutely fantastic voice. From just watching an interview, I have noticed that she's very straight forward and kind. She said that she does not really count herself as any genre, because she is always doing different kinds of genre's from R&B to Dancehall to Reggae and much more. She says that she writes her songs in unusual places such as under her bed or in her wardrobe. She's a very talented girl who is coming through the scene right now, and on a real England is bringing a whole batch of talented singers,MC's,rappers and songwriters through which we lacked beforehand. Please check her songs below and spread the word about her !

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