Wiley - Mike Lowery Freestyle

The Godfather of Grime has been up to a lot on Twitter lately with a little beef thing with Cash Money's English artist Jay Sean. People have suggested that this is down to promoting himself and getting more popular before releasing a single. He said at the end of 2010 that he wouldn't be doing any free downloads, but this isn't the case any more as he released two new songs called Tweet Back, and also his version of Mike Lowery.

His first song Tweet Back is more of a slow r&b/grime song, but Wiley does well with it. For his Mike Lowery Freestyle it is one of the best I have heard yet, and it is my best version. Bar for Bar Wiley is just a lyrical genius. Listen to the songs below and download !!

Download Link : Here

"When it comes to the ladies I swag like a thief ina night, no black gloves, I wanna peng ting, wiv a big bumper, slim waistline, tights and fat juggs."

Download Link : Here