Japanese Grime & about Grime spreading

Grime is doing so well at the moment. Grime is spreading all over the world which is a good sign that it will never die out. I've spoken to people who are from countries like Argentina, Russia, America, Canada and other places and they all like Grime. Today, I discovered two Japanese MC's who have done two songs over grime instrumentals. People from other countries or from England might say "Oh, they are speaking English or they don't have an English accent means they aren't doing Grime!". To be honest that is just being ignorant and not appreciating Grime spreading around the world.

Tre Mission is a Canadian Grime MC, and when he was discovered on GrimeForum a lot of people probably didn't feel him at first because of the Canadian accent. However, people have begun to see past that, and listen to the lyrics he is spitting, his flow and how he performs on a song. Right now, the Grime scene is very behind in pushing him forward, and Grime forward worldwide. He is very talented guy, and I wish him success. He is in England at the moment hooking up with many MC's and making songs. He has also been on 1Xtra, Kiss 100, Rinse FM radio shows plus a show in Brighton, and ILuvLive. Check out his freestyle below with JME,Shorty and himself. Buy his single here :

I do not understand any of this, but it sounds good and appreciating what they are doing for the Grime scene.

dekishi & ritzzz MC over Spooky - Iron Gates Remix (Japan) by Quadrant EP mp3s out now!

Dekishi - Kataban (Model Number) by dekishi