Skepta Interview

Grime MC Skepta has lately been doing well for himself. He has been doing some songs with some big people for example P Diddy, N-Dubz, Chipmunk, and many more. He is the one who is pushing grime out there, and making the scene bigger and better. He has his album coming out on the 31st of January, and it is suppose to be quite big. In the interview with SB.TV below he talks about his new songs Mike Lowery, about it getting popular and for him to have to do a video for it.He also talks about how he has not changed even though he is doing mainstream songs now. He says that he tries to balance doing Grime still whilst doing mainstream still. Also, he has released his tour dates. He has some acts touring with him such as MC's P-Money, and Plastician, and also DJ Logan Sama. Watch it below !