Marger - Sending for Rival & M.I.K and M.I.K reply

There has been a little beef between fellow Alien Musik members and cousins Marger and Rival lately. And here  is the first war dub which is done by Marger, in which he sends for both Rival, and Family Tree member M.I.K. Before, Rival and M.I.K were warring, but now they are back on normal terms. There has been a series of tweets from Rival saying for example would Ant send for Dec, and many others. M.I.K has already done a dub, and surely Rival will too, so is this the first war of 2011 ? Personally, I think Rival would beat him lyrically, so stay tuned, and listen below.

Download Link : Here

Last night on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show there was a reply from M.I.K . It is quite a good reply, and when he says moley is he referring to Donatella ? I wonder if Rival will send back for Marger. Listen below.