Ghetts - Merry Christmas EP

1. Merry Christmas Prod. By ZDot
2. Freestyle ft Shutta
3. Flee Version ft Mercton
4. What Happened
5. Closer
6. Rain Raws Artilla ft Ghetts
7. They Don't ft Ghetts
8.Strike Me Dead ft Griminal & Dot Rotten
9. Red Stripe
10. Spun ft Wiley & Dot Rotten
11. Platoon (Old Skool Ghetts)
12. Star In It
13. Outro

Ghetts aka Ghetto one of Grimes and my best MC's thought it would be nice to release a free Christmas EP as a present. It has 13 tracks which feature some of the most talented MC's such as Wiley,Devlin,Griminal, Dot Rotten and many more. Ghetts has a good year after releasing 'Calm Before The Storm', and that got very positive views and that had many features. Also, Ghetts did a song called 'Invisible' which made many people change their opinions of him, because it was a bit commercial. The question is, does he want to be signed ? Most of his fellow crew member, and friends have been signed, yet Ghetts has stayed putt in Grime. I mean if the Grime scene lost him that would be a major lost.

Personally, I think that this is the best track on the Christmas EP. It is called 'Spun' and it features Ghetts as well as Wiley, and  Dot Rotten. This makes the track in terms of quality a banger. Ghetts even showed the viewers the making of the track on Ustream. It is produced by G-Tank, and please give it a listen !

Download Link of EP : Here