Dubstep Takeover

Dubstep this year has just grown so much. Personally, I only heard about it this year, and all I can say is that it is the most unusual sounding genre. It is good, because it is different from everything, it is fast at BPM (Beats per minute). Grime MC's have crossed over to Dubstep a lot of times including P-Money, Kozzie, and many more. It is getting really popular abroad as well in America, Australia, England and the countries in the UK, plus many countries in Europe. There are getting  a lot of producers from across the world, which is a good thing as it will grow more and more. Hopefully this happens to grime as well.

Now, here is the 120 minutes from The Sound of Dubstep 2010 : Here
Soundclash from Dubstep crews : Here