Pow! 2011

So, which of you remembers Pow! by Lethal Bizzle ? Well, if you don't you need to check it out, it was a big song in 2004/2005 and it featured some of the top Grime MC's which included FuminD Double ENapperJamakabi,Neeko, Flowdan, Ozzie BMC Forcer and Demon. 

Anyway, Lethal Bizzle has decided that he wants to re-release/make the song again, and for it to be Christmas number one. This time, he has a new line up, and it has just been revealed. The MC's that will be in it this time will be Sway,JME,Chipmunk,Kano,Wiley,Ghetts and of course Lethal Bizzle himself. 

Personally, I do not think that Chipmunk or Sway should be in it, because they are commercial artists ,and are not as good any more, plus they aren't Grime. I think Lethal Bizzle only chose them, as they are hot in the commercial scene right now, and that would get more viewers.

Lethal Bizzle Tweeted the other day “Finally finish mixing #POW2011. 7 hours of mixing! I don’t even like the tune any more lol” 

Listen to the old version here :