Grime Music

This is my first blog post, and I just thought that I would write my first post on Grime music. Since a few years ago, I have been listening to more and more each day.

To me, the best MC's are Wiley, Crazy Titch, Ghetto aka Ghetts, P-Money, Kozzie, Maxsta, Griminal and Big H. The thing I like about Grime is the instrumentals they are so quick, plus the drums and stuff.. For an MC to sound good to me, they must write some good meaningful lyrics, they have to have a good flow and voice and they should know when to come in on an instrumental. If you aren't doing them things, then you are not going to be good and people aren't going to listen to you.

Next thing is Freestyle's ! People love listening to freestyles, but nowadays some MC's are using the same bars as their songs or they used before on other freestyles. So, this gets boring for the viewers. SB.TV, Grimedaily, and word on road plus all the other video broadcasters are doing there thing, and bringing viewers something new nearly everyday of the week.

MC's are collaborating a lot thesedays, and it's good because they are the giving the fans something different when they colab, plus they are making big songs.

Nobody else can do grime like England does !